One Hour Blitz

1 hour of cleaning $80 set fee

If you have something small or specific for us to complete, or just want a quick spruce up in your car, we will do whatever we can fit in for one hour of time. This might include:

  • A quick once over inside.

  • A quick wash outside.

  • Vacuuming pet hair or dirt.

  • Shampoo and extraction of a spillage. 

  • Getting out a few marks from the cloth interior.

The possibilities are endless, but limited to the one hour of effort!

Pet Hair Removal

Takes approximately 1 - 2 hours

From $70 per hour

We offer a pet hair removal service for those who enjoy keeping their vehicles clean, but need a bit of help here and there to get rid of pet hair that seems to be able to get into every fibre all over your car. We use a range of specialised tools and techniques to get the hair away from the seats, mats and carpet in the vehicle. The pet hair removal includes a vacuum of the whole car along with the removal of pet hair. 

Stain and Sand Removal

From $80 per hour

If you have a stubborn stain that just won’t go away, or have somehow brought the beach into your vehicle which the vacuum just won’t get out, then talk to us. We quote jobs individually on what is needed, and will work as fast as we can to achieve the desired results.